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Accomplished pioneers in cardiac care with unrivalled success in the field.

Manchester Cardiac Surgeon – Prof Haris Bilal

Our Cardiac Surgeons In The UK

Manchester Cardiac Surgeons is comprised of 5 consultant cardiac surgeons with enhanced sub-specialty interests. Each one of us has trained in the UK and travelled across the world gaining experience in a wide range of surgical procedures and practices. Our surgeons have trained in Manchester, Liverpool, London, Leipzig, Hannover, Paris, Minnesota and Texas, among others. We also continue to travel, not only gaining more experience but teaching and training other practitioners across the world.



As a team, we specialise in Minimally Invasive Valve Implantation, Mitral Valve Repairs, Off-pump or Beating Heart Surgery, Minimally Invasive Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery (MIDCAB) and Major Complex Aortic Surgery. We also specialise in treating Adult Congenital Heart Diseases.

Our team are experts in performing beating heart surgery and have performed more of these procedures than any other unit in the North West of England. Our senior surgeons are proctors and have travelled across the globe teaching this procedure to the next generation of heart surgeons.

Our Teams

Our Minimally Invasive Transcatheter Valve Replacement (TAVR) Team

Our dedicated TAVR team is the most robust of its kind in the UK. Consisting of 2 dedicated surgeons, 2 cardiologists, 1 radiologist, an imaging team and a dedicated administration team, the team has achieved unparalleled results with a mortality rate of 0% in 2016, and an overall mortality of less than 1% since the start of the programme.

 Our Multidisciplinary Team (MDT)

Our MDT team consists of 5 consultant surgeons, 7 cardiologists, 3 dedicated imaging consultants, radiologists and 3 consultant anaesthetists and 4 cardiac intensivists. Every patient’s condition is discussed in a dedicated team meeting before surgery, or any other patient intervention, with the whole team. A concise action plan is then drafted. We have dedicated Mitral, Adult Congenital, Complex Aortic and Coronary intervention MDT meetings throughout the week.

 Surgical Practitioner Team

We have a team of 4 advanced surgical care practitioners led by Mr Afsar Aliar. Mr Aliar is one of the first practitioners in the country to develop Minimally Invasive EVH (Endoscopic Vein Harvesting). This procedure results only in a minimal scarring, often as small as 0.5 cm. He is capable of performing this procedure with a 100% success rate.

Mr Aliar not only teaches this technique at other centres throughout the UK, but he is also an international proctor for the Terumo corporation and in this capacity travels across the globe to teach and train at many other institutes.

Our surgical wound surveillance team is also one of its kind with an infection rate of less than 1 in 400.

Our Administration Team

We have a dedicated cardiac liaison team who provide administrative support throughout the course of the week. They act as a bridge between surgeons and patients and communicate with the patients through your journey.

For all NHS queries please contact MRI switchboard at 01612761234. For private surgical queries please contact J Hasan at 07810140000.

Manchester Consultant Cardiac Surgeons

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